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Adam and Eve Live Again Excerpts

I awakened feeling strange and knew something was different about this day. I was very comfortable without an ache or a pain. Even the old war wounds seemed to have disappeared. As I opened my eyes and glanced around the room, I could see that this certainly was not my palace. I decided I must speak to my servants for bringing me here without my permission…. Where was I and how did I get here?

“If Christ rules the world, why would he want me in it?’’ Diocletian asked, full of distrust. “You know that I persecuted Christ’s followers without pity or compassion. I was determined to end this insolent religion that denounced the great gods of the Roman Empire. I fear if what you say is true, I am going to be in terrible straits. Surely, if I have been returned to life, it must be to inflict torment on me for what I did to his followers. This is a horrible state of affairs!”

Nero tried to escape, but Julian was faster and reached both hands out grabbing his throat to strangle him, only to find his arms paralyzed and soon hanging limply by his side.
Nero, seeing his assailant’s predicament, took the opportunity to swing at him with all his strength, hoping to floor him with one blow, only to have his own arm paralyzed also.
Both men stood there helplessly, staring at one another in shock.
Lev sat there peacefully. “Are you both ready to listen to reason? Violence is not permitted. You have both been punished by a spiritual police force. I hope you learned your lesson. Now, be seated while I talk to you.”

“Do you suppose that what you did was wrong? How many men would poison their own mother?”
“You don’t know my mother. If she were your mother, you might have poisoned her, too.”

“No, Annas, all that I found was your poor broken and bloodied body that they threw on your doorstep. I did not nurse you back to health. I buried you. No one could have survived the treatment you received. You were dead.”
“What kind of talk is this? I am very much alive. Please do not add to my confusion. I have awakened and everything is different.”
“You did die and I did bury you. Jesus Christ has raised you from the dead this very morning.”

Uriah stood up trembling with rage. “I have nothing against you. I do not wish to hurt you, but you are going to tell me who betrayed me.”
Lev remained calm, sitting relaxed in his chair anticipating what was to take place.
As Uriah lunged to grab Lev’s throat, his arms fell helplessly at his side. His anger instantly turned to shocked distress.

Suddenly Eve saw three men. They looked liked Cain, Abel, and Seth, but that could not be. She knew Abel was dead; she and Adam had buried him.

No one answered Adam. Miriam knocked on the door, keeping her father in front of the door while everyone waited for the door to open.
They could hear voices within, and soon Eve opened the door, exclaiming with surprised delight, “Adam!” Adam recognized her immediately and opened his arms to receive his beloved Eve. They stood there in a loving embrace, crying for joy along with all their children.

“I have said I was sorry to those who claim to be my victims. However, if they want me to grovel, they are just going to have to wait.”
“How long?”
“Well, you don’t have forever. Your hour glass is running very low.”

When Lev arose in the morning, Klaus was not up. He decided to knock on his door. There was no answer. That was strange, for Klaus was always an early riser. After another loud knock, Lev opened the door to find Klaus lying cold and still. Examining him, he knew he had died painlessly in the night. Klaus must have known the end was near from his comments last evening. This was a shock. There had been no death in one hundred years. People all returned to life, but no one had died.

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