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Adam and Eve Live Again Synopsis

What a triumph of God’s grace it will be when our first parents, Adam and Eve, are raised to life! Yes, the whole human family will stand again with them. Human history will be revealed for what it was, and the real heroes will emerge as those who loved their fellow men and lived above the corruption in the world. Yet many renowned people will face shame and contempt, as they must live down the abuses of their power so wantonly committed when no one could stop them.

We share with Lev and Rebekah Aron as they actively deal with the human and scientific problems that emerge as the regeneration expands, until it concludes with the return of Adam and Eve. The return of our first parents will be electrifying to the whole world. Adam and Eve will get to know their children with great joy and sometimes with bitter tears. Everyone will be back to tell his or her own story and to bring wisdom accumulated through time to bear on the new pathways. Adam and Eve bring their experience and knowledge to bear on the issues that confront mankind.

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