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Fingers Stained with Evil Synopsis

John Class has had a lifelong fascination with stories, especially biblical stories. Stories somehow always ended at the grave. The promise of the resurrection of the dead would change this, and he envisioned stories in another dimension. Yes, it is electrifying to realize every story is going to be taken up again in the time of the regeneration—in the resurrection of the dead. In Fingers Stained with Evil he touches the return of some of the cruelest of men who learn they no longer have hiding places for their evil deeds as they did during the Dark Ages.

He is convinced that every human being, you included, will live again in the Paradise on the good earth and not in a nebulous heaven.

He has written five books to cover the experiences of the regenerated human race under Christ’s rule—Alive Again, From Ashes to Beauty, Fingers Stained with Evil, Adam and Eve Live Again and When the Thousand Years Expire.

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