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Resurrection Stories

What will the resurrection be like? It is easily projected because it will be life as we have known it all along, only there will be a different world environment. The unpleasant and unhappy conditions no longer will exist. No more pain, poverty, injustice, disease, physical handicaps, limitations, tragedies, war, murder, violence, prejudice, exploitation, falsehood, oppression and denial of human rights. You will have total recall of your past and be able to start life again with all the advantages of experience and wisdom gained in your former life. The love that burned within your heart will still be aglow and be enlarged without limits. All the joy and happiness enjoyed in this life will be there to renew and enlarge.

However, we will bring back the baggage of evil we practiced. It will not disappear as many would like it to. There will be a challenge there to make right the wrong or even in failing in this to manifest godly sorrow for what cannot be repaired. Much of the sorrow in that land of beginning again will be caused by the memory of evil that touched our lives or which we precipitated. All of these things can be repaired and forgiven if godly sorrow motivates the heart. The human heart will be astonished at its happiness if it lives up to its privileges in this Golden Era. The supreme joy will be when man finds himself reconciled to God. Eternity is a long time to be happy.